Enjoying picturesque beauty of Ba Dong Beach...

Ba Dong Beach stretches nearly 50 kilometers over three communes in southern Tra Vinh Province in Vietnam's Mekong Delta, with the very picturesque beauty, beautiful long beach suitable for bath and holidays...

Ba Dong Beach belongs to Truong Long Hoa Commune, Duyen Hai District, approximately 55 km from Tra Vinh City. Ba Dong coast is lined with pristine white sand for 10km, with clear and fresh air. During the colonialism era, the French built a resort and used it to rest and swim. This resort is also enjoyed by Vietnamese who spend weekends and vacations there.


Unfortunately, wars have destroyed all the road system to Ba Dong Beach. Tra Vinh Province authorities are now evaluating the possibility to rebuild the road system. Tra Vinh tourism office also plans to renovate and exploit Ba Dong seaside resort and turn it into an attractive tourist site in Cuu Long River Delta.


Upon arriving at the oceanic site, you will surely be taken by surprise by the breath of salty sea air that is so distinctive to the sweet scents of fruits that pervade the delta's environs. The beach's tourism potential began to be tapped in early 20th century when the French colonialists built a guesthouse there for local officials to spend their weekends.


From the hotels and restaurants hiding themselves among the poplars rustling in sea wind, you can look beyond at the far sea,where fleets of fishing boats are sailing industriously to bring back inexhaustible resources to enrich the country. In this resort, you can savour many types of fresh seafood at surprisingly cheap prices. Ba Dong Beach hosts numerous seafood restaurants specializing in typical southwestern Vietnamese cuisine fished directly from the ocean. Specialties include crab sauce eaten with bananas, carambola, girdle cakes or rice rolls and boiled meat.


The beach is dotted with bungalows and cots ranging in prices, which offer tourists a chance to lay back and unwind to the rhythmic sound of undulating waves. You can play on numerous sand dunes on the beach. Other places of interests here is a lighthouse, shrimp lakes, and small islets.


On the beach that stretches as far as the eye can see, you can fly kites, play sports, meander among numerous sand dunes or drive motorbikes fast enough to get thrills otherwise hard to attain elsewhere. As night falls, you can sleep in "underground houses" built during the war to avoid shells and bullets. They are protected from above by luxuriant trees.


From the beach just 7 kilometers away rests an imposing mangrove forest. A light wind invigorates beachgoers with its fresh and clear breezes. When famished from the physical activities, you can indulge in a range of culinary delights offered right on the beachside.


Ba Dong is currently an attractive spot for short holidays for numerous average-income tourists in Tra Vinh and neighboring provinces. The whole of Ba Dong Beach is picturesque, colourful, exciting and lively with tens of thousands of tourists from everywhere who come here for sightseeing and relaxing.


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