Top 02 activities to deeply know about Halong Bay

 Halong Bay – the place of magic where tourists can immerse themselves into the land via a wide range of exciting activities to have deeper insight into this fairy world.

Situated to the North-East of Vietnam and, Ha Long Bay part of Gulf of Tonkin – has been twice been acknowledged by UNESCO, the 1st time in 1994 for its beauty landscapes and the 2nd time in 2000 for its geology formation. Halong Bay formed by magnificent and amazing nature has been annually alluring thousands of both local and international visitors. Oriental residents explain Halong as “Where the Dragon descends” for the history of the ancient Vietnamese. Especially, Halong Bay is the unique destination for its own incredible marks in the period of earth layer forming and developing and it is also the magic and astonishing masterpiece of Mother Nature combined of thousands of rock islands of different shapes and sizes as well as amazing caves that create a lively and mysterious complex. Here are top activities that you never miss to make a more





The most exciting activity tourists can spend the whole day cruising around Halong Bay on classical junk boats and have an adventurous journey weaving through limestone islands and islets. Cruising on the deep and clear blue waters of the sea while marveling at the wonderful landscapes of mighty islands and green islets will surely make that vacation a special one.

Each cruise is designed like a well-equipped restaurant, so in case getting tired of sightseeing, tourists can have a break on the sundeck enjoying the open fresh air or having a sip of tea. The sailing vessels also contain dining restaurants where tourists will have a chance of taking a bite of the tasty and delightful cuisines that is cooked by the best chefs in Vietnam.




Kayaking amidst Halong Bay where no boat can go into small hidden caves or lagoons, and tourists will have a unique experience the real beauty of the Bay.

Kayaking is one of the most popular watersports full of thrill and excitement in Halong Bay that tourists are looking for. Kayaks are narrow inflated boats made by a special material with one or two seats that will allow kayakers have an exciting time venturing out on the sea. Kayakers will need to use rows and wade it through the cool waters of the emerald sea and guide kayak to location they want to go.

Imagine a heaven on the sea level with thousands of rock formations rising out of the like-blue-sky water, a wide range of sandy beaches, green islands, sheltered lagoons, and sea caves.  So it can be seen that Halong Bay is luckily bestowed by Nature with favorable conditions for kayaking or the form of paddling, using a kayak to move across water and get closer to the caves and limestone cliffs.

Belonging to the complex of Halong Bay, the fairylike Lan Ha Bay one among best places for kayaking. Ha Long Bay 3D2N tour with the two interesting experience of rock climbing and kayaking will surely bring you unforgettable memories as well as help to ease you sould and refresh your belief in magic.  




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